Monday, November 28, 2005


Last time we heard about Bob Ney he was giving us his own personal recipe for disaster in the run up to the invasion of Iraq.

Bob Ney's Freedom Fries

Take 100,000 Iraqis, strip naked and boil for 2 years in crude oil, add a pinch of US marines and beat to within an inch of their lives. Serve with a suppressed grin.

Well old Bob has been cooking up a storm once again, this time serving up policy breaks in exchange for corporate backhanders. Nice work Bob, I'm sure that you appreciate the sacrifices made abroad so that you can enjoy your freedoms at home.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

RUBE WATCH UPDATE: Scott Sala of Slant Point

Check out this fuckin' Rube.

(Hosted by the Department of Hate.)

Friday, May 30, 2003

And the Rube saw the Angel of the Lord

…AND from the Prayer Warrior there did cum others formed from the discarded circumcised holy foreskin, severed from the Horner man-dick through the righteous vigour of GOD’S wanky hand and anointed with the spurting of GOD’s tepid Holy Spirit in the form of “She’s a Hero”. YEA with shirts and guitars of stripes and stars did they appear, Steve Vaus, “the most heroic musician in America” and Lowell Shyette the inflated Al Pacino, harbingers of good and rubishness, heroic incubators of GOD’S message and in their patriotic rube-bellies did germinate the seed of Horner, and the devil did quiver in his horseshoes. But LO there were dark times. And the times dark did test the dick disciples. War, famine, genocide, cancelled recording contracts, small time rube rallies. And the seed did germinate and sprout. YEA from the distended anuses of the disciples did crawl the singer and the preacher and the two were one. And the one was David Overstreet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Rubes of the World - Ireland - Update

Further to the recent Irish Government post, this is an unrelated story relating to a Clonmel native. Just a note to let y'all know the calibre of people (or should I say primitive hominid species?) who rejected the Asian special Olympians in case they might have SARs. This extract from the Irish Independent.

A MAN has been jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering his friend in a row over a battered sausage.

At the Central Criminal Court yesterday, Charlie Maher (21), originally from Clonmel, Co Tipperary, and with an address at Grange Cohan, St John's Park, Waterford, was convicted of murdering John Paul Ryan (20) at Grange Cohan Park, Waterford, on March 11, 2002.

During the trial, a witness told the jury "all war broke loose over a sausage" between the two prior to the murder.

A group of friends including the deceased and the accused had gathered for a drinking session on the night of the killing.

The trial heard Maher stabbed the deceased twice, once in the heart and once in the thigh. It also heard Maher had taken two knives and told his girlfriend, Ciara Gater, "there will be damage done tonight".

Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns imposed upon Maher the mandatory life sentence for murder.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Rubes of the World - Update

Irish government bans Asian cripples from Special Olympics

Rubewatch hopes the Irish people can relax now that the spectre of hundreds of disease ridden spastics (as I'm sure Clonmel residents would describe them) turning up in their towns has been averted.

This is a stunning example of the long reach of the Rube in Office phenomenon (see GWB et al.). The Irish Government has this week excelled itself in its petty self-serving politics. Recently they justified refueling US warplanes heading to Iraq despite their constitutional neutrality by admitting that it was in national economic interest. They allow hospital waste to be dumped in the Dublin mountains yet describe incineration as polluting. Now they have banned 5 Asian countries (but not the Canadians) from sending their athletes to the Special Olympics in case they give some backwater bogmen a dose of SARs. Lets put this into perspective. For a professional athlete this would be a serious disappointment, but ultimately something they'd get over. For someone who has nothing else in the world, perhaps not even limbs for fuck's sake, this is a blow on a scale us able-bodied wasters can't comprehend. (Well, perhaps Matt hears us). This decision is truly the mark of a super-Rube. A cunt even. Therefore, it is health minister Micheal Martin who is the first Irish Government minister to grace the Hall of Rubes.

Friday, May 23, 2003

The Straw that Broke the Rube's Back

So you see it all started like this...

Matty, you know, our friend with the prosthesis over at Stars and Stripes, posted this childish nonsense on his website:

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was out celebrating 23 years of being alive. It was a good birthday and I was able to spend the day doing anything I wanted to do. I got just about everything I asked for, except for the digital camera. I'll get one later. Anyway, thanks for staying around while I was out celebrating!”

Well, you can see how this would infuriate a brother, what with the spoiled 8 year old letter to Santa “everything I wanted” shit, and the middle class certainty, despite old kickstand’s claims of poverty, that he’ll “get” that elusive and necessary digital camera later…and all this spewing from his foul smelling, right wing, conservative, isn’t equality great for white middle-classers, fungally infected gob. Well, a bit of a tiff was thus sparked on Stars and Stripes, but seeing as blogspot itself needs a good old rubing these days for being slower than Matt’s idiot brother, and thusly old Slitzy can’t reply to Matt’s latest heart breakingly scathing morally just fantastic comment…the whole sorry episode must be relived, replayed, relayed...and redirected to Rube Watch.

Me: ...except for a digital camera, a new knee, the chance to join the army, some arabs to kill, some nations to bomb, the rights of the disenfranchised, the taxes of the poor, a nigger to hang, a cross to burn. fuck you.

Pegleg: Taxes of the poor? I am one of the poor! (Told you didn’t I?) As far as "a nigger to hang, a cross to burn" I''m not sure where you get off saying those things. I''m probablly one of the most caring people I know when it comes to other people. My best friend in Colorado, my home state, is black. My best friend here in New Mexico is a Navajo. So fuck you!

Me: I''m not best friend is black.

Thought I''d never live to hear someone actually say that. But if you could you''d be "kicking ass" in Iraq with little bro? Taking the arms off of children with the rest of the armed forces. Other people? Caring? You''re a cunt Matt. A fetid stinking mouldy putrid fungal oozing cunt.

Long John Silver: I never thought I''d live to hear the day that I was called a cunt. I''m honored by this...especially considering I don''t call other people who disagree with me such names. When all logical arguments are exhausted, name calling results

And now…me:
Logical argument has not been exhausted, Captain Hook, it never started. If there was at any point, hop-along, you vaginal discharge, that you thought that my purpose was to logically argue with you, an incestuous masturbatory paralympian, then you know what? I’m truly, truly sorry to have led you limping up the garden path. There are plenty of others out there logically arguing with you and giving you such a pasting, you fucking lobotomised cuntwit, that you don’t even notice. No, Steve Austin, I’m here to mock you. As you almost got a grip on when you first posted our aim on your site…we are here to mock you and the likes of you. I’m glad you’re honoured to be called a cunt, C3PO, it gladdens my empty soul. That I’ve somehow opened your eyes, that I’ve somehow shown you what a total cunt you are, that such a term applies directly to you, that when you next pray to your cunt-god, in your cunt-house, by your semen stained cunt-bed with a picture of your brother scrunched up in your sweaty cunt-fist you’ll say a cunt thank you.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Rube Catalogue - Art

Sciatica, our fellow detector of all things fucked up with the world has unearthed this muck at ebay. Perhaps the prospective customers would like to blow this image up and put it on the other wall.

To answer your question Sciatica, they're Rubes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Rube shops self to Rubewatch - Exclusive

In a dramatic display of Rubidity, John Hunter has turned himself in to the Rubewatch team. He does so in reaction to our listing of z-coil shoes in the Rube Catalogue. John is correct. I am not an expert in the field of human physiology but I do know that anyone who foolishly pounds the shite out of his legs, feet and back by running 10 miles every morning then wonders why he's crippled, is a bit of a Rube.

John displays an additional Rubish characteristic when he admits to believing the marketing hype that the shoes have been tested by the brightest minds in the land at the prestigious Sandia and Los Alamos labs. It may say so in the commercial John, but those guys are much too busy testing GWB's new nukes to bother with footwear for the chronically gullible. I suppose it will come as a shock to you that Michael Jordan didn't in fact sign those other overpriced shoes you bought. You pillock.

Astoundingly, both John and the Rube shoes hail from New Mexico. They join fellow Lobo-Rubes Matt and Jeremy. Not great statistics for the Land of Enchantment.

Monday, May 19, 2003

R & B Rube

Get your bump'ngrindin pants on folks because R. Kelly is back with yet more lame as fuck R & B for that ass. Retaining his number one spot this week with he sexually charged Ignotion remix, Kelly sees his career on the rise again after 22 child porn allegations as well as further allegations of statutory rape tarnished his otherwise squeaky clean, I only fucked Aaliyah after her 16th birthday, image.

For those die hard fans out there, Rube Watch have uncovered the follow-up to his chart topping single "I Believe I Can Fly". Much like Kelly's other stuff, the tune is exactly the same, so you should love it. Hey...sing along whydontcha.

And for those of you who always wondered...the R. is for Rube.

A Repeat Paedophile

I videotape girls with me when they’re fourteen
Their folks take me to court, sayin I’m obscene
I take girls to my room for bump ‘n grind
Fact that they’re a minor gets me high
And if they’re into it
Then I can do it
And even if they’re not
That’s even more hot

A repeat paedophile
Married Aaliyah
When she was a child
I think about her every night and day
Dick in my hand, get my end away
All these girls up in court
Nothing there but a bunch of whores
A repeat paedophile
A repeat paedophile
A repeat paedophile

I once believed I was a superstar
But now I’m worse than Hugh Grant in that car
Kids see me these days and run a mile
Wonder how I’ll get me another child
But if I just see them
Then I can do them
If I just believe it
There’s nothing to it

A repeat paedophile (whoo!)
Married Aaliyah
When she was a child
I think about her every night and day
Dick in my hand, get my end away
All these girls up in court
Nothing there but a bunch of whores
A repeat paedophile
A repeat paedophile
A repeat paedophile

(Choir) Child…She’s a child

(Choir) Child…She’s a child

(Choir) Child…She’s a child

If I just spread their cheeeeeks


(Choir) She’s a chiiiiiiiild.

Friday, May 16, 2003

A reading from The Gospel according to Rube

…AND GOD moved his loin cloth three fathoms left to reveal a penis in the shape of a man with pube moustache and curly mullet to piss his message all over the earth, and the piss was music to the ears of Rubes and the man was the Prayer Warrior. YEA did the fetid amber stinkwater flow, for GOD had drank in the prayers of rubes worldwide and oh did his holy bladder ache, and the man was born of human mother, but unlike JESUS the mother did fuck a man, and the child was born not in Nazareth, but in Paducah, Kentucky, and LO he was named Eric Horner.

FOR TWO score years, through war and marriage did GOD’s frothy pissmusic spew from the warrior’s mouth bringing joy to the ears of Rubes across the rube nation and the nation was America. YEA did the prophet Brian prophesy a climactic end to the music and the Warrior wept in his ineptitude, failing to bring the steamy message to the world. But LO there came days, as prophesied by Brian, days in which the pissing stopped, and the music became one with GOD.

YEA was Jessica Lynch captured, YEA was she saved by the rube army of America and LO did GOD shake off the man-dick that is Eric, sending the last driplets of the old smellnoise earthward. Further shakes did transform the penis man and he stood erect as the shuffling of GOD’s hand and the thought of the young woman, bound and gagged and patriotic made the final song that would unite the rubes, holy cocksmell music to rube ears, and GOD gave a thunderous gasp as the new testament of spunksound soared to heaven, then crashed to earth…and “She is a hero” did cum from Eric’s mouth. And the rubes rejoiced.